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American Papist Exclusive: Archbishop Listecki sets the record straight on "Young Catholics for Choice"

12-15-09 Posted by admin in Blog, Featured Articles, Gallery, Recent Articles 2 Comments

Thomas Peters at American Papist has an exclusive story on a statement from Archbishop Listecki of Milwaukee regarding “Young Catholics for Choice.”

Here is Peter’s report:

Exclusive: Archbishop Listecki sets the record straight on “Young Catholics for Choice”

Earlier today I briefly mentioned the extraordinary, deceptive measures undertaken by Catholics for Choice to convince young Catholics to use contraception (reported on here by the Marquette Tribune).

I am overjoyed to see that the incoming Archbishop of Milwaukee, Jerome E. Listecki, today set the record straight on the Church’s teaching. Here is the text of the Archbishop-Designate’s statement (bolding is my own):

“It has come to my attention that an organization calling itself “Young Catholics for Choice” has recently entered into collaboration with Family Planning HealthServices of Wausau. Through media advertising, “Young Catholics for Choice” is attempting to convey the message that Catholics can disregard Church teaching regarding contraception, abortion and human sexuality in general and remain Catholics in good standing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While people can call themselves whatever they want, it is my duty as a bishop to state clearly and unequivocally that by professing and disseminating views in grave contradiction to Catholic teaching, members of organizations like “Young Catholics for Choice” in fact disown their Catholic heritage, tragically distancing themselves from that communion with the Church to which they are called. We pray that they may reconcile their position which is contrary to the Catholic Faith they claim to profess.”

Catholics for Choice” is not the only fake Catholic organization whose mission is to confuse and mislead Catholics, but they are certainly one of the worst (Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good are also fake Catholic organizations).

Catholics For Choice, as I also mentioned earlier today, is very active here in Washington DC trying to create support for the flawed health care bill which will be voted on … even arguing for the inclusion of an expanded abortion mandate in the final legislation!

Click here for the rest of Peter’s exclusive report and the text of the archbishop’s statement.
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2 Responses to American Papist Exclusive: Archbishop Listecki sets the record straight on "Young Catholics for Choice"

  1. Jack says:

    True evil is deceptive and seductive at the same time. Our American society is being slowly eaten away from within, and the electronic age encourages us to abandon the values that made us great. When high schoolers were questioned recently about whether they would rather be well-educated and successful or famous, a large majority of those sampled responded that they would rather be famous. Satan is portrayed as a cartoon character who is able to grant wishes and perform feats of magic. Our youth are instructed that religion is just as evil as anything that, to the old way of thinking, is bad. There is no shame in adultery, or cheating or thievery as long as you don’t get caught. Without education in the difference between right and wrong, and examples set by the previous generation, how can we be surprised that many of today’s youth have no guilt or shame? There is no such thing as a “Cafeteria Catholic!” The thing is, there are many who profess to be “raised Catholic” but who never practice their faith, if they even have any at all. The real truth is that you’re either in or out; you don’t get to pick and choose what it is that you believe if you are going to call yourself a Catholic. To abandon Church teaching is to remove yourself from the Catholic Church, period. Our Lord never said that His way was easy. That’s the seduction of true evil; “no one will know if you cheat just once,” “Who cares if you steal something as long as no one knows or gets hurt?” “All of the cool people are doing it nowadays.” These have always been the lies of evil through all time. Lucifer is known as “The Great Liar.” We are in an age where we must not only attend mass each Sunday, we must live our lives as Catholics and set the example, not by apostacy but by doing that which is right. Catholics For Choice, and others like them do not speak for me, but neither do Senators or Congressmen who claim to be “Catholic” and then vote to pay, with my money, to kill the innocent. We Catholics simply MUST VOTE for the candidates who support our beliefs not only in word but in actions. Party lines mean nothing in this debate. It is truly about good and evil, right and wrong. We must let our fellow citizens know that morality in word and deed is the true American way.

  2. Hurrah for another clergy man willing to speak out, I support him wholeheartedly, applaud him and will pray for him.

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